YouTuber Brad Owen gets biggest payday of his career


Brad Owen is the most followed YouTuber among poker vloggers and his follower count is sure to Soaring, as his career-best cash at a live poker table was a fourth-place finish at the WPT Garden Poker Championship.

Ky Nguyen won the contest and took home $357,000 in prize money.

After entering the tournament, Owen received a standing ovation from the crowd when he walked out of the final table, winning $125,000. While he didn’t get the results he had hoped for, the Youtuber made it clear that he is determined to get back into the game as soon as possible.

“Even though some decisions didn’t turn out the way I hoped, I did and generally felt pretty good. It was great to perform like this and make my first WPT final table,” said the said a WPT ambassador. “It’s been a really good year and it won’t be my last final table. I’m going to take that experience and try to make the most of it.”

Owen knocked out the final table before reaching the final table Two players, who started the day third in chips, failed to head in the right direction after spending three hours at the table. Eventually, with around 15 big blinds, he decided to go all-in with K 6 on the button and found another poker content creator, Ky Nguyen calling with AJ . The turn was an ace, and Owen stood up smiling and shaking everyone’s hand.

“I’m glad I moved up two places on the prize table. When you start day three and end day four, you’re… I’m a little bit disappointed, but overall it’s It was a great experience. I won’t be too disappointed.”

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  • This text provides information about Brad Owen, a popular YouTuber in the poker vlogging community and his recent performance at the WPT Garden Poker Championship. Despite not achieving his desired outcome, Owen remains determined to continue playing and plans to learn from this experience to improve in future tournaments.

  • The text discusses Brad Owen, a popular poker vlogger and his recent performance at the WPT Garden Poker Championship where he finished fourth. Despite not achieving the desired results, Owen remains determined to continue playing and make the most of his experience.

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