World Poker Club: The Complete Guide to the Poker App


World Poker Club: The Complete Guide to the Poker...

Social poker in the West is typified by Zynga Poker, but a similar and in many ways more advanced app, World Poker Club, was created back in 2014 for Russian-speaking fans of the game. See this article for details on all the features of his work.

World Poker Club:More about the poker app

What is World Poker Club?

World Poker Club is a cross-platform play-money poker site. It was developed by Crazy Panda in 2014 and is currently the most popular in the Russian-speaking market. For example, more than 10 million users have installed applications from VK.

WorldPokerClub is a classic social poker game where you can buy internal currency as a cache, but you cannot withdraw earned chips and somehow convert them into real money.

That said, WPC is purely an entertainment application and its services are not subject to gambling legislation and do not require special licensing.

How do I download World Club of Poker?

One of the main reasons for the app’s success is the ability to access the game through various services and social networks.

This can be clearly seen from the list on the official website of the World Poker Club:

  • V Contact
  • Student
  • Minecraft
  • Facebook
  • Google Play
  • App Store
  • App Market
  • Yandex Portal” game”.

With social networks, WPC can be played in the browser, and you can download the client from their website or app store page. Supports Android, iOS and Windows computers.

How do I log in?

Regardless of the version of the application used, no registration is required. The data of the selected social network is suitable for registration.

World Poker Club Login App

Your Play Market or App Store account is used for authorization when downloading to your smartphone. Also, the official website allows you to enter the room as a guest.


At WorldPokerClub you can play:

  • Cash. Most traffic comes from Texas Hold’em cash rooms (limit). Omaha accounts for about 10% of the total number of poker tables. Supported formats – up to 5 and 9.
  • Sikh. 2-, 6- and 9-player Texas Hold’em tournaments only.
  • Weekly Tournament.

All cache and SnG limits are organized into several table levels:

Weekly tournament.

Weekly World Club Championship of Poker

WPC The only MTT format in . It is very different from the classic room tournament due to its rules:

  1. The competition will run for 7 consecutive days and end on Sunday at 23:00 Moscow time. Registration closes 4 hours before closing time.
  2. The starting chip size depends on the buy-in fee paid. Three purchase options are available.
  3. Chips may not be used to buy in at the gaming table. After “Going”, you can re-register.
  4. You can quit the game at any time and come back later to continue playing the same deck.
  5. The collected prize pool will be distributed among the top 20% of players. The top 100 contestants will also be rewarded with gold coins.
  6. Blinds are always 50/100 for weekly tournaments. No stakes.

Game Currency

  • The table uses chips. In addition to direct purchases, chips are also issued for daily entry, for displaying advertisements, and for the dealer’s income.
  • Respect – given by other players (up to 300 per day). You can’t buy it. Make you a reseller. Your top 3 finishers will receive passive chip earnings from all tables in any of the 5 tiers (see table above), as well as fame and gifts from giveaway participants.
  • Coins– Used to enter weekly tournaments and exchange for chips and respect. You can buy them or win them in tournaments.


World Poker Club’s software is not modern in terms of user interface and options offered, but most likely this is done to ensure the application works on as many devices and browsers as possible Stable operation. There is little difference to Zynga Poker in this regard.

The main lobby looks like this:

World Poker Club Main Lobby

In the “Rooms” tab you can switch between different restrictions and take a seat in an available seat by selecting the table symbol from the list. Filters allow you to hide entire tables and set them to only show 5-max or 9-max.

At the top of the lobby are balance information, checkout information, and promotional banners.

World Poker Club Seat Me

If you select the “Smart Seats” tab, the app will randomly place players in any available seat at the table with the desired restrictions.

World Poker Club Table

Table’s The design is reminiscent of classic rooms of the 20th century. There are no appearance settings and no multi-table support. The time bank is very small.

There is an English version.

How do I start playing with friends?

Since WorldPokerClub is primarily an application focused on different social networks, it is not surprising that it offers the possibility to play with friends.

To do this, under the list of tables in the lower part of the client window, click the “Invite Friends” button, and in the popup window, you can choose any friend from the social network you are logged into WPC with.

If the invitee accepts the invitation, their avatar will appear in the same lobby.

How to add friends?

World Poker Club Friends

You can also add Make friends with any competitor online. To do this, just click on it and select the “Add to Friends” button from the drop-down menu.

World Poker Club Friends are players you can find and approach at any time at the poker table.


World Poker Club players receive their first chips when they first log in to the app and every day thereafter.

World Poker Club Daily Missions

There are Blitz Quests on a separate tab at the top of the lobby and on the game table. These are small tasks that have chips as rewards. For example, win 5 hands in Omaha.

The mission map displays a countdown timer. Tasks are updated once a day. In order to correctly count your hand size, you must be sitting at a table with more than two active opponents.

Lucky Scratchers are offered periodically. It’s a scratch-off lottery with free trials every day and prizes in chips and coins. Additional tickets are available for 10,000, 25,000 chips or 200 coins. The higher the fee, the higher the price.

Loyalty System

It has 5 levels. All players start with silver, there is no benefit. In order to raise, you must win the hand. This provides status points (experience). They build up and don’t burn. You can only climb ladders.

Your current level in VIP You can learn about the program by clicking on your avatar in the main lobby. You can also view your personal statistics on this page. Medals can be seen in adjacent tabs with trophy symbols.

Buying Chips

You can buy or exchange chips and coins at the WorldPokerClub Cashier, which opens by clicking the ‘Buy’ button at the top of the application window.

You can use any bank card and UMoneu system:

There is no way to get the chips back.

Who’s Eligible?

World Poker Club is a simple app that lets you play poker as a fun pastime. You can join a table and start playing from almost any device, without even buying chips.

It’s not a good idea to think of WPC as a free practice place. Local players see poker as entertainment. That’s why this app is great if you want action and emotion.

For more serious poker games, we recommend that beginners start with freerolls or poker rooms.

World Poker Club: The Complete Guide to the Poker...

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    This text provides an overview of World Poker Club, a popular cross-platform play-money poker app in the Russian-speaking market. It highlights its features, gameplay options, and social networking capabilities.

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    This text provides information about the World Poker Club, a social poker app that was created in 2014 for Russian-speaking fans of the game. It highlights that the app is popular in the Russian-speaking market and has over 10 million users. The text mentions that World Poker Club is a cross-platform play-money poker site, meaning users can play poker using virtual currency but cannot convert it into real money. The app can be accessed through various services and social networks, and registration is not required as users can log in using their social network accounts. The text also describes the different games available on World Poker Club, such as cash games, tournaments, and weekly tournaments. It further explains the game currency, including chips, respect, and coins. The text acknowledges that the software of World Poker Club may not have a modern user interface but ensures stable operation on various devices and browsers. Overall, the text provides a comprehensive overview of the features and functionality of the World Poker Club app.

  • This text provides a detailed overview of the World Poker Club app, comparing it to Zynga Poker and highlighting its features, popularity in the Russian-speaking market, gameplay options, and login process. The text also mentions the various games available on the app, the game currency used, and the user interface. Overall, it provides a comprehensive review of World Poker Club and its offerings, making it informative for those interested in social poker apps.

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