Vitor Pilon crava US$ 109 Mini Thursday excitement without PokerStars


Vitor Pilon wins the $109 Mini Thursday Thrill at...

Vitor Pilon scored a major victory in Thursday’s Grind PokerStars event. The Vitaop10 account holder overlooked 1,292 players in the $109 Mini Thursday Thrill and won for $19,075 after nearly nine hours of play. In the same event, Vinícius Gonçalves “viinig” finished third and won US$5,571, while “cezinhaaaaaa” finished one place behind and won US$6,356.

David Cola also had some good results on Thursday. He earned a $109 daily cooldown and placed seventh in the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller. When he combined the last two rounds, Davi won $8,451.

‘handsonrasta’ beats 2,084 contestants took home the gold medal and defended the green and yellow Daily Knockout trophy worth $27. The good score earned him $6,176.

Finally, Diogo Brombim “khalifaman00” also claimed the title in Thursday’s event, winning the $109 Bounty Builder beatout that guaranteed $6,046 to his account.

View other PokerStars results:

Event Player Position Price

$109 Phenom João Valli 2nd place

$5,324 Bounty generated $33 “fuaallin” 1st place

$4,934 $55 Daily Supersonic João Sydens “sydens” 1.

US$4,636 US$109 Daily Cooldown “imposto e roub0” 2

US$4,474 US$109 Phenomenon “KauanAnjos” 3.

$3,888 Bounty Generation $33 Bounty Generator “Adilson166” 2.

$3,837 Bounty Generator $55 “alannlopess” 1.

$3,723 $55 Mini Bounty Generator HR Vinicius Miranda “vinimiranda7” 5.

$3,226 $55 Daily Supersonic João Pedro Diniz “ biuzinho17” 2. US$ 3,230

Vitor Pilon wins the $109 Mini Thursday Thrill at...

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