Triton Poker uploads the first chapter of its NLHE Special CASH GAME Part II in open access


Triton Poker uploads the first chapter of its NLHE...

If you are not already used to the format of these fun cash games of the Triton Series, you should know that they are short series, usually five episodes, which are recorded during the stops of the circuit in different countries.

This particular one is a $1,000/$2,000 game with BB ante of $2,000, in which each player has bought $200,000 worth of chips.

To understand what you will see on the screen, it is necessary to explain how the Stand-Up game works.

To encourage action, all players have agreed that the last player to win a pot must pay $5,000 to each of his opponents. In the origins of this side bet, players started standing up and sat down as they won a pot. The last player standing loses the bet.

Here a card is given to the player who wins a pot, and the last player to run out of cards loses. To claim your card, you must show your cards. That’s what they explain to Calvin Lee right at the beginning of the game, and also to Paul Phua as he sits down. The impact of this game on the game becomes noticeable when there are only two or three players left to win a pot.

The starting lineup is as follows:

  • Karl Chappe-Gatien: French multi-millionaire, only plays Triton Series events, apart from private games.
  • Calvin Lee: American pro, winner of a WSOP bracelet in 2016.
  • Phil Nagy: CEO of America’s Card Room.
  • Elton Tsang: Winner of the Big one for One Drop in Monte Carlo for $12M.
  • Jiang: One of the most common surnames in China.
  • Tan Xuan: Another house reg. Short Deck specialist.
  • Vivian Yang: We don’t have the taste either.
  • Paul Phua: The founder of Triton joins the second orbit.

Triton Poker uploads the first chapter of its NLHE...

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  • Eichmann.jason

    This text provides information about the format and rules of the Triton Series cash games, specifically focusing on a $1,000/$2,000 game with a unique side bet. It also introduces the players participating in the game, giving a brief background on each of them.

  • Mathilde.buckridge

    This text provides an introduction to the format and rules of the Triton Series cash games, including the concept of the Stand-Up game. It also presents a brief description of the starting lineup of players for the specific $1,000/$2,000 game.

  • Kessler.easton

    This text provides an interesting insight into the format and rules of the Triton Series cash games, particularly the unique Stand-Up game. The lineup of players mentioned includes seasoned professionals and successful individuals in the poker world, which adds to the anticipation of the game. Overall, it seems like an exciting and high-stakes event to watch.

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