The Cooler Arrives at the Spanish Shark Table


The Cooler Arrives at the Spanish Shark Table

Winamax Live Sessions Season two continues to generate excitement at the Gran Casino de Aranjuez, with the best Spanish and European poker players competing at the high stakes tables, followed by the Spaniards. Dental community. With a new line-up of veteran players and thousands of euros at stake, the match didn’t end with exciting table bravery from these Spanish sharks.

In episode 12, you’ll learn about dynamic players for beginners, as well as some odd hands, big pots and tables with a great atmosphere.

The most epic performance of this episode will be Sergi Fernandez and Yaman Nakdali, as the former said, did not see the community against the Every event the other hand in the series of bets and calls was “the dumbest hand I’ve ever played in my life”. You will be surprised when the seats are filled by the end.

This week Raul Mestre and Manu Saavedra Leave location, return Tom Bedell and Vicente Delgado .

Winamax Live Sessions rules include50 € / €100 blinds and €100 ante BB, €200 from UTG and multiple flop, turn or river games ( If the player involved decides to go all-in). The minimum buy-in is 100 blinds (€10,000), and there is no maximum buy-in limit.

The 7-2 rule still applies, which means that in NLHE, whoever wins the hand with the worst hand gets an extra Blinds or straddles.

The Cooler Arrives at the Spanish Shark Table

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  • This text is promoting the excitement and competition of the Winamax Live Sessions Season two, featuring top Spanish and European poker players. It highlights some memorable moments from the episodes and gives information about the rules and stakes of the game.

  • This text appears to be a promotional summary of the second season of Winamax Live Sessions, a poker event taking place at Gran Casino de Aranjuez. It mentions the participation of talented Spanish and European poker players, highlights some exciting moments from previous episodes, and provides information about the rules and stakes involved in the games.

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