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Stream Ranking: 4th and final LATAM LEAGUE this Sunday at 888poker Held. A date strong>strong>. This will be the definition of the monthly leaderboard and we will know who will be the winner of the $109, $22 and $16.50 tickets.

This is the updated monthly ranking ➡ TABLES. Thanks again to “garras76” 🇦🇷 from Argentina 🏆 for winning games 2 and 3.

4️⃣ 💰 BUY LATAM LEAGUE 4 – $200 Margin: $1 | Buyback: 1 | LATAM SUNDAY, MAY 14 ⏰👉 22:00 🇺 🇾 🇦🇷 🇵🇾 – 21:00 🇧🇴 🇻🇪 🇨🇱 – 20:00 🇵🇪 – 19:00 🇲 🇽

For those who are not eligible but want to participate, you will only get $1 You can log in directly, no password or restrictions. We would also like to inform you that the live broadcast on our TWICHT channel will be commented by Fernando Gatto. 888poker Congratulations! Motivate and push your LATAM LEAGUE tickets and GTDs have upgraded themselves, congratulations! 🔥🙌👏

Don’t miss this Poker Sunday, define leaderboards and live streams, play with friends and brothers from Latin America! ! !

Latam League 4 888poker Streaming

Latam League 4 888poker Streaming

Last date for live and monthly leaderboard definitions.

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  • This text appears to be promoting a poker event, specifically the 4th and final LATAM LEAGUE, which will be streamed on 888poker. The text mentions that the winner of the leaderboard will receive $109, $22, and $16.50 tickets. It encourages participation and mentions that the live broadcast will be commented on by Fernando Gatto.

  • This text appears to be promoting the 4th and final LATAM LEAGUE event on 888poker, where the winner will receive tickets of different values. There is also mention of a live broadcast on Twitch, with commentary from Fernando Gatto. The text encourages participation and highlights the upgraded prizes.

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