SCOOP Edge’s Turko_man and Granter7777’s Spanish Double


The majority of golfers in the Hispanic poker community gathered on Twitch yesterday . Chat – The Pokerstars Spanish channel asked about the identity of “Granter7777“, a player identified as Spanish since 2015, and one day Juan Pardo shared, um, with Allaying his doubts

The match that was used as an excuse to meet was a SCOOP side event, a $320 PKO Saturday special with 75% of the prize money on the bounty.

The scope of this particular case is not well studied, but “Granter7777” proves that ignoring the rules of the beginner’s guide is not always wrong. He became a tournament winner after some selective folds when he was a short stack in an environment where the biggest prize was knockouts rather than qualifications, but that’s exactly why he can wait to raise the stakes and get in the most profitable bounty post, which ended up earning $25,596.

The moral imperative to press the button in the middle of the weekend finally prevailed after another veteran Luis Rodriguez “Turko_man” made Saturday’s winners’ list.

The live broadcast ended, and the players from La Coruña started the duel. The Bounty Builder High Roller $530 is the top daily tournament held indoors in the Red Spade Room.

This game didn’t even involve SCOOP, but thanks to the management of “alancarr123“, Luis managed to improve all his results since the festival started, including the result that the Reds are. Best Performance in the Spring Split A deadly game. The price is $30,148.

Postponed games from Thursday are already without Spain Spin-Off SCOOP Finalist. “srxakgirona” had some of those chips, but he ended up winning FT with SCOOP 31-H $320 for sixth place ($7,457).


Most Saturday races have winners, with one exception. Not only are we encouraged to dance for our employees to celebrate the good times they give us. Álex Romero “And1ero” has recently been added to the Pokerstars broadcast team, and if one of us makes the final table of Event #33, it will be broadcast live. Then we have to work hard to ask them.

If not, Elías Gutiérrez “ZeroS” has returned to poker coverage with some solid content for this Sunday.

SCOOP 33-M Saturday KO $109 (180 of 5,868 players): 14th “elneok“; 125. ” pastexcel“; 179. “Egurre258“, over $35,000.

SCOOP 33-H Saturday KO $1,050 (39 of 620 players): 21. “GandalfMR“; 38. “ SinKarma”, the highest reward is $46,000.

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