Ramiro Petrone is the leader in online poker rankings


Ramiro Petrone is the leader in online poker ranki...

Online poker has entered 2024, with several series on the world’s major sites setting the pace, often benefiting from the Grinder Report, the world’s only daily report on the performance of the major poker rooms in Latin America. As a result, the top 10 online poker ranking has undergone some changes, and in its third update this year, Ramiro Petrone appears at the top.

Argentines living in Uruguay therefore stood next to him. Names or nicknames appear, flags with suns and thin horizontal stripes, well ahead of Roman Hrabek in the second class. The man known as ramastar88 on PokerStars is now playing heavily on GGPoker, racking up 11,173 points, while the Austrian has amassed 10,391 points. In third place is Luis Faria, the big novelty who moved directly from level 15 to the top 3 with 8,560 units.

Damian Salas is the second best Latin American in Spanish.

Simon Mattsson and Niklas Astedt, the legends C. Darwin2 and Lena900 respectively. 8,540 points and 8,514 points ranked in the top 5.

In addition to the large number of Brazilians (12 in the top 30), the next Spanish-speaking Latino appears on the PokerStake list, publishing this list created since 2005 The website is Damián Salas, ranked 31st with 6,721 units.

Ramiro Petrone is the leader in online poker ranki...

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  • Hickle.geovanny

    The passage discusses the current rankings and changing dynamics in online poker, particularly in Latin America. It highlights Ramiro Petrone as the top-ranked player and mentions various other players and their points. The mention of a Spanish-speaking Latino player, Damián Salas, ranked 31st, suggests the presence of a strong Spanish-speaking poker community in the region.

  • This text appears to be discussing the current state of online poker in 2024, highlighting the top players and their rankings. It also mentions the influence of the Grinder Report and the presence of Latin American players in the top rankings.

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