Nacho is having an unstoppable year and Barbero proves it once again.


Nacho is having an unstoppable year and Barbero pr...

Sin City Barbero has done it again and declared: “No pueden parar el ao de Nacho!”

The Argentinian wins again, this time at PokerGO Tour’s Aria $234,000 in prize money won in the PGT PLO Series. After the victory, he immediately let out an unparalleled roar. More than $3 million was raised in just three months.

The year of nachos is unstoppable: Barbero has done it again.

What Nacho Barbero has been doing lately is simply unbelievable. He won the Triton Series in Vietnam earlier this month, and a few days later he won another event at the same festival, bringing his total live poker winnings to $8 million. This makes him the most successful Latin American poker player of all time.

Barbero won Event #3: $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha in the PokerGO Tour PGT PLO Series. With $2,834,000 already in his bank account after this year’s success at the Bahamas PCA, he now has another $234,000 added to his bank account.


Played at five high-stakes tables for just three months Later, he received the highest bonus in his career.

Nonetheless, this latest Tuesday night win was no mean feat, as Nacho started the final day with just 5.8% of the cards Ranked at the bottom. The Argentinian worked hard to get to the top, but his efforts paid off as he performed well and won the title.

Barbero has defeated some of the best players in the world including Josh Ariel, Ellis Pashinen, Adam Hendricks and Jonas Kromvette, who won. With this victory, Barbero ranks first in the PGT Series PLO standings with 234 points.

Hand of Glory

The decisive hand came, the Argentinian was on level 23 125,000/250,000/250,000 chips, leading the Austrian 3-1, betting 750,000, while the Austrian’s odds were 750,000.

Flop: J106

Once Europe bets and raises, Barbero’s opponent With the rest of his total bet of $1.2 million.

Barbero:J985 Kronwitter:Q1076

The Austrians played against Nacho’s team with two pairs and a backdoor The procession at the stairwell.

The Latin American player took the lead after the 9th leg and after the river 4 the Argentinian was declared the winner: “You can’t stop Nacho’s This year!” After such a promising start, it seems like nothing can stop him from achieving poker success in 2023.

Barbero: Two months, three million dollars

The Argentinian has made great achievements in the past Nothing I did in two months of poker was worth the wait. Five ITMs reported his total earnings at $2,834,000. His first and largest win was $1,551,300 at the Bahamas PSPC.

A few days later, he finished second in the PokerGO Tour Championship and finished eighth less than a week before his third-place finish at Triton Poker in Vietnam. $600,000 won in 2 events, $57,000 in prize money. He followed that up with a second place finish in the $25,000 Turbo Championship in the same series and now this is the latest victory.

Barbero’s record

Barbero surpassed the previous live earnings record of $7.4 million Farid Jattin, becomes the Latin American player who earns the most money from live events.

After a long run at the top of the all-time money list, Argentinian Daniel Negreanu has finally achieved his lifelong dream of winning a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet.

Nacho Barbero’s Final Victory

PGT PLO-Series 3rd Place: Pot Limit Omaha

Admission: $10,000

Tickets sold: 130

Toso: $1,300,000

Final Table

First place: $234,000. Nacho Barbero.

Next, second-place finisher Jonas Kronwitter received $169,000.

Third place: Adam Hendrix: $130,000

Fourth place: Eelis Parssinen received $104,000

Sam Soverel (fifth place) – $91,000

Sixth Place, Josh Arieh: $78,000

*Full annotated copy.

Nacho is having an unstoppable year and Barbero pr...

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  • This text is praising the achievements of Nacho Barbero, an Argentinian poker player, who has been performing exceptionally well in recent tournaments and has become the most successful Latin American poker player of all time. It highlights his wins and earnings, as well as his latest victory at the PokerGO Tour PLO Series.

  • This text highlights the remarkable achievements of Argentinian poker player Nacho Barbero, who has recently won multiple tournaments and earned over $3 million in just three months. He has become the most successful Latin American poker player of all time and shows no signs of slowing down in 2023.

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