Jason Kuhn Continues to Make Triton History


Jason Koon sets a new record in the Triton Super High Roller Series. He won his sixth career fight, two more than his closest rival Mikita Badziakouski. Koon won Game 2 of the series at the Merit Hotel &

A few months ago, Koon won his fifth title by beating Badziakouski in Vietnam, again proving why he was chosen as a Triton ambassador Series selection. With the win, the 35-year-old pro increased his career earnings to over $44 million and cemented his fifth spot on the all-time poker money list.

“I love it, man,” Kuhn told Ali Ahmadinejad on Triton’s live stream shortly after the win and asked his thoughts on returning . Playing…I really like poker and the atmosphere. I actually don’t travel to play poker anymore, unless it’s for the Tritons. So these are my friends. Competitions are fun. I like here.

When asked how he continues to achieve such incredible results, Koon said: “Of course, I run in Nice, but I have a lot of experience. “I think one of the best things is that I’ve been doing it for a long time.I’ve been playing with the same players for a long time. In this smaller event There are some new faces in , but I’ve been at the same event for years. They’re starting to download useful information about people and can make good decisions.”

Champion Jason Koon.

As usual for the Triton series, this was a tough final table with a strong field of 138 players (44 players), including Stephen Chidwick and Adrian contributed to Mateos, Artur Martirosian and Sean Winter. But the most determined opponent came from Kanan Taherkhani, while Koon, who was third in chips on the FT, hit heads- up.

Taherkhani joins his team as he wins the first Triton event and finishes 2nd for $451,200. However, he couldn’t stop Koon and lost after a brief heads-up duel, betting his last stack with two pair. At this point, Kuhn is on a winning streak.

The result seemed inevitable as Koon won a crucial cooler against Martirosian in FT: King beat Queen. But he still had to succeed, and of course he did it in his signature style.

A banner featuring Koon’s five titles had to be updated just two days after it aired. With 10 more games to play here, Koon probably isn’t done yet.

Koon’s winning position

1. Jason Koon – $663,000 2. Kanan Taherkhani – $451,2003. Stephen Chidwick – $298,0004. Eduard Barsegian – $245,500 5. Adrian Mateos – $197,300 6° Artur Martirosian – $154,400 7° Ian Bradley – $115,900 8° Sean Winter – $85.5009. Vyacheslav Buldygin – $66,200. Punnat Punsri – 55,200 $11° Kiat Lee – 55,200 $12° Samuel Ju – $48,400 13° Hossein Ensan – $48,400 14° Tom Dwan – $44,200 15° Alexey Tsessarsky – $44,200 16° Patrik Antonius – $40,000 17° Andriy Lyobovetskiy – $40. 000 18° Henrik Hecklen – $35-800 19° Isaac Haxton – $35,800 20° Axel Hallay – $35,800

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  • This text provides a recap of Jason Koon’s impressive poker achievements, highlighting his latest record-setting win in the Triton Super High Roller Series. It also mentions his earnings, ranking on the all-time poker money list, and his loyalty to the Tritons tournament.

  • This text highlights Jason Koon’s success in the Triton Super High Roller Series, including his record-breaking win and his earnings of over $44 million. It also mentions his dedication to the Triton events and his strategy of gaining information about opponents over time.

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