Episode 2 Turbo Weekend Tournament – ​​RedStar Poker Guaranteed €200,000


Episode 2 Turbo Weekend: iPoker €200,000 GTD

The iPoker Network introduced fixed numbering for its 2023 Mini Series starting in March. The second such event will be Episode 2 Turbo Weekend with a €200,000 guarantee for 20 events.

Series Features

The iPoker Poker Network has apparently decided to make the mini-tournament series a regular feature of its skin this year, launching a separate feature

Red Star Poker’s second mini-PKO festival in 2023 will be Episode 2 Turbo Weekend, from June 16th to March 19th, with 20 races totaling over €200,000 guaranteed.

Series schedule based on three multi-day events:

  1. E2 | €10,000 Microcharger KO for only €5
  2. E2 | 20,000 Euro Mini Charger KO for €12.5
  3. E2 | €30,000 Turbocharger KO for €25.

There will be 67 flights each, with the final days starting simultaneously at 00:05 Sunday night.

Additionally, four one-day tournaments of up to six players are planned each day during Turbo weekend.

The Turbo King €20K Gtd High Roller will add €500 on Sunday. Starts at 20:30 Moscow time.


To keep players interested in the series, we will be rolling out several missions as usual:

  • Real Participants – Play 5 E2 Tournaments.
  • The Bounty Collector – Eliminate 10 players in an E2 tournament.
  • Triple Tale – First day of all E2 multiple flights.
  • Shot Join – Join a satellite in a 3 match Turbo King tournament.

They will each award a ticket to the Episode 2 Freeroll worth €1,000. The event will start at 20:30 MSK on March 20th, and tickets can participate up to 4 times.

Episode 2 Turbo Weekend: iPoker €200,000 GTD


  • This text provides information about the iPoker Network’s upcoming Mini Series in 2023, specifically focusing on the Episode 2 Turbo Weekend. The series will consist of 20 events with a €200,000 guarantee and will include various missions to keep players engaged.

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