Carlos Serrano is the absolute leader of the Foz do Iguaçu poker circuit


Carlos Serrano is the absolute leader of the Foz d...

Carlos Serrano , as if a high roller’s bladder was the fuel he needed Shine in the qualifiers for the Foz do Iguacu Poker Tour Main Event and climb to the top of the standings ahead of his second day in downtown Foz do Iguacu on Saturday.

Brazilian Diego dos Santos was the top player on Day 1C.

The reigning champion of the festival’s main event has been on a roll since Day 1D, racking up 411,500 points. In this flight he already had 32 competitors and his 9 qualifiers in addition to those who passed Day 1B Turbo and his 1C.

Diego dos Santos the day before , the last high roller in his event he finished third with 304,500 chips. Out of 68 registrants, only 18 of him have qualified, so in the next round without label 1E, the players are already 36. Hyper starts at 11am . .

All eligible players will meet at 3:00 PM after the last game has concluded. Action is looking for finalists to decide the title tomorrow. Experience everything CodigoPoker has to offer through our live blog and exclusive streaming .

iguazu poker tour chip count class=”td-jugador”>carlos serrano – 411,500Diego Dos Santos – 304,500Federico Tour

– 266,500Christian Welches – 215,000Darcy Mario Fantine – 203,500Thiago Guillermo Amador – 172,500Andre Fernando Collette –


Horacio Candia – 144,500Gonzalo Hernan Armada – 131,500

Lucas Cabrera – 128,000Ivan Metsa

– 123,500Ramiro Jaranek – 110,500Maria Martinez – 109,000Andres Dos Santos – 102,500Leandro Biancini – 102,500Jorge Preciado – 100,500Santiago Sarkis – 100,000Pablo Sarkis –


Matthew Chelvin – 85,500Nicholas Bellard – 85,000Patricia Drummond – 85,000Franco Gasparini – 81,000Marcos Rodriguez Grassi – 80,500Jose Kubel – 79,000Facundo Triguero – 75,500Jose Gonzales – 75,000Julio Palma – 71,500Rodrigo Pfeiffer da Costa – 71,500Juan Sebastian Fonseca – 65,000 Pot sticker BBQ – 61,500

Raphael Pandolph – 54,500Ignacio Romano

54,500 Matthias Atensio – 51,000 Farid Zarkez – 50,000Mario Leonardi – 50,000 Ivan Gustavo Barzano – 50,000 Volney Luis Costa – 47,000Marcello Ruiz

– 46,500 Herman Kressel – 42,000 Rodrigo Moreira – 36,000 Jugador” Pedro Zarquez – 36,000 Emerson Nunes – 34,500 Ruben Ponce – 32,000 Julio Cesar Acosta – 31,000 Volney Santo Smaniot – 29,500Samuel Ribeiro da Silva – 25,500

Carlos Serrano is the absolute leader of the Foz d...

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  • This text appears to be a report or update on the Foz do Iguacu Poker Tour Main Event. It provides information about the current standings, players’ chip counts, and the upcoming rounds and schedule. It seems to be aimed at fans or followers of the tournament.

  • This text appears to be discussing a poker tournament in Foz do Iguacu, with players such as Carlos Serrano and Diego dos Santos leading the standings. It provides details on the chip counts of various players going into the next round.

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