Barbero close to winning Triton series again


We’re not even halfway through the season and everyone knows that Nacho Barbero‘s vintage is fantastic. Also, He also finished runner-up in Event #3 $30,000 NLH 6-Handed Mistery Bounty at the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series North Cyprus and took the Latin American title this Saturday afternoon.

He looked around for everyone he was with. Biaoding beat Nacho from behind to win the third game.

Among many excellent players, the Argentine is second only to champion Biao Ding Won $366,200.

He sat at the final table with Ike Haxton and Artur Martirosyan It was all about winning, but it wasn’t enough to earn the Chinese player $540,500.

In the heads-up match, US Cardroom Team Pro won with a score of 3-1. However, Nacho relinquished the lead after his opponent doubled and bluffed badly. He was trying to win back less than 20 big blinds by pushing all-in with Q 9 and his opponent called with A 5 . He flopped top pair and Dante doubled up on the turn, crushing the Argentine’s hopes of winning.

The race kicked off on Friday and Barbero entered a field of 155 players. He made it to the final table with another solid finish, maintaining his lead with 16 days to go before the World Series of Poker.


Event:#3 No Limit Hold’em 6-Max Mystery BountyEntry Fee:$31,800 (including rake)Submissions: 155 Prize Pool: $4,371,000 ($2,325,000 bounty pool).

Final ranking*:

Nacho Barbero – $366,200 3. David Yan – $244,0004.Artur Martirosyan – 200,0005 $. IkeHaxton – $160,500 6. Danny Tang – $124,400 7. Henrik Hecklen – $92,100

*Collected bounties are not included

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  • The text discusses the performance of Nacho Barbero in a poker tournament where he finished as the runner-up and won the Latin American title. It provides details about his gameplay and the final rankings of the tournament.

  • In this text, Nacho Barbero’s performance in the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series North Cyprus is highlighted, including his runner-up finish in Event #3 and winning the Latin American title. However, he lost the heads-up match and missed out on the top prize.

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