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Soria shines as Enjoy Poker Tour High Roller Champion

Soria shines as Enjoy Poker Tour High Roller Champ...

Rolando Soria did it. After two explosive days and a 15-hour final day, the talented Argentinian player won the High Roller to kick off ACR Poker action Enjoy Poker Tour Shows in luxurious Enjoy Punta del Este.

Soria Register from154 entries valued at $3,300surpassed his initial guaranteed allocation of $300,000 by $448,140to round out the top 20.

The new champion earned no less than $120,400 in prize money after defeating American Joshua Marquardt – Up-Play, who finished with $78,135Second place crowned a very international field of contestants.

On the championship podium was Alan Ferraro, who finished in third and earned $46,045, while Gino Fedele and finished fourth with $28,010.

ACR Poker Final Table Enjoy the Poker Tour High Roller.

A little earlier, Ignacio Sagra (5th, $21,625) ) and Marcelo Migliaccio (6th, $17,925) has withdrawn, while Oscar Alache (7th, $15,575) Juan Francisco García ($13,980 USD) andAlberto Bari(9th, $12,045). ) completed FT.

The event also featured two world champions: Damián Salas WSOP 2020 Main Event Champion finished in 17th place and took home $7,665; Koray Aldemir, the 2021 World Series King, failed to cash in.

Damian Salas doesn’t want to miss the holiday.

Meanwhile, there is Bartolo Belluscio, owner of the WSOP Bracelet, and the best online player in the world Ramiro Petrone tried, but failed to make any money.

Enjoy the Poker Journey – High Roller

Buy-in: $3,300

Ents: 154

Pot:$448,140Final Ranking 1. Rolando Soria – $120,440 2. Joshua Marquardt – $78,135 3. Alan Ferraro – $46,045 4. Gino Fedele – $28,010 5. Ignacio Sagra – $21,625 6. Marcelo Migliaccio – $17,925 7. Oscar Alache Orrego – 15,575 $8. Juan Francisco Garcia – $13,980 9. Alberto Bari – $12,045 10 Sergey Utenkov – $10,530 11. Alberto Cerrutti – $10,530 12. Larissa Souza Hauagge – $10,530 13. Christian Roberts – $9,075 14. Fabio Colonese – 9,075 $15. Eduardo Perez Palleiro – $9,075 16. Carlos Serrano – $7,665 17. Damian Salas – $7,665 18. Vladislav Solovev – $7,665 19. Alberto Varni – $6,275 20. Fabian D. – $6,275 Enjoy the Poker Tour #1 2024 schedule.

Soria shines as Enjoy Poker Tour High Roller Champ...

Eder Murata performs well in Tuesday’s PokerStars tournament

'Originallyy' and Eder Murata shine in Tuesday's P...

It was a good day for PokerStars’ Brazilian players on Tuesday, who took advantage of the Carnival Series to flush their bankroll and hit the road.

The biggest win of the day came from the account holders. “Originallyy” won $11,646 on a $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR. He faced fellow Brazilian Thales Farias (nicknamed “xtha”) in the heads-up match for $7,890.

In Event #18-H ($320 – USD NLHE) in the Carnival Series, Éder Murata “t.murata” and Pedro Padilha “PaDiLhA SP” shared the podium and respectively Earned silver and bronze medals. Ed received $10,175, while Pedro received $7,584. The field consisted of 223 participants.

Pedro Madeira, who runs the account “gusmaa ” account, finished fifth in the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller after competing against 108 players. His performance earned him a fortune of $6,208 on Tuesday.

Bruno Bouça’s “BrunoBoucas” still has time to do well in Event #15-M (USD). 55 NLHE), he competed against a total of 2,723 participants. The bronze medal earned the Brazilian player $6,095.

Check out more results from Tuesday’s PokerStars:

Event Player Place Price

$27 Daily Knockout “souumqualquer” 1st Place US$ 5,935 $109 Daily Cooldown “rodrigues_s4” 1st Place US$ 5,291 Carnival Series #15-H (US$ 530 NLHE) Allan Mello “Allan Sheik” 5. US$ 4,787 Bounty Generator $ 44 “Satonamotoka ” 1. Daily Cooldown $4,372 Emanuel Maluf “Brazil5card” 1. $4,227 Stackosaurus $ 215 João Biancolini “Jbiancolini” 2. Daily $55 Supersonic Luis Dorneles “luisnrd” 1. $3,780 Bounty Generator $33 ” E.Alvareng@” 2. US$3,385 $55 Mini Bounty Generator HR João Mathias “joaoMathias” 5. US$3,363

'Originallyy' and Eder Murata shine in Tuesday's P...

KSOP: Lucas Ahmed suffers huge defeat and is eliminated from the main event

KSOP GGPoker SA: Lucas Ahmad goes all-in with AK,...

The number of participants in the KSOP GGPoker South America Main Event is getting smaller and smaller, with only 18 players left. The most recent defeat was that of Brazilian Lucas Ahmad against Diogo Pereira, known as “Tim Maia” went all-in, found the deck to be brutal and was eliminated from the tournament.

Blind tournament chip leader Diogo’s stack went from 30,000 / 60,000 to 125,000. Lucas was on the button and three betted to 405,000. Tim Maia, the player with the largest stack, wanted to apply pressure and declared an all-in move. He got a call from Ahmad, who at the time had 2,400,000 in chips.

The flop slightly improved Diogo’s situation and he can now win his hand even when hitting a straight. The turn eliminates the chance of a backdoor flush, but now both players have a chance to split the pot.

No chance. The river came with , which completed Diogo Pereira’s straight and eliminated 19th-place Lucas Ahmad in a pot of over 80 blinds. Although Lucas won R$65,000 for his performance, he left the tournament with a bitter taste.

KSOP GGPoker SA: Lucas Ahmad goes all-in with AK,...

Pedro Madeira takes to the podium in Event 69-H of the New Year series

Pedro Madeira takes to the podium in Event 69-H of...

Pedro Madeira has been vying for the title in the most expensive event on the Internet and is one of the highlights of the New Year series. The owner of the account “gusmaa” finished third out of 526 entries in Event 69-H: $320 NL Hold’em 8-Max, earning $15,352. Previously, “TakeZITO1” (fifth place) and Lucas “mennck” Menck (sixth place) earned $8,410 and $6,224 respectively.

In Event 69-M: $33 NL Hold’em 8-Max, “pmczaikoski” becomes even more difficult. He placed the green and yellow flag on top of the podium and added $20,022 to his credit.

Meanwhile, “Jonie181” finished sixth in Event 70-H: Thursday’s $2,100 NL Hold’em 8-Max in a thrilling performance that earned him $11,513.

Pedro “PaDiLhA SP” Padilha won the silver medal and $9,048 in the regular $530 Bounty Builder High Roller. Minutes earlier, Bruno “brunojardas1” Jardim finished in third place for $7,979.

Rhuan Sanches also won at PokerStars. He defeated 2,283 opponents and earned $6,225 in the $27 Daily Knockout.

Pedro Madeira takes to the podium in Event 69-H of...

Ramiro Petrone is the leader in online poker rankings

Ramiro Petrone is the leader in online poker ranki...

Online poker has entered 2024, with several series on the world’s major sites setting the pace, often benefiting from the Grinder Report, the world’s only daily report on the performance of the major poker rooms in Latin America. As a result, the top 10 online poker ranking has undergone some changes, and in its third update this year, Ramiro Petrone appears at the top.

Argentines living in Uruguay therefore stood next to him. Names or nicknames appear, flags with suns and thin horizontal stripes, well ahead of Roman Hrabek in the second class. The man known as ramastar88 on PokerStars is now playing heavily on GGPoker, racking up 11,173 points, while the Austrian has amassed 10,391 points. In third place is Luis Faria, the big novelty who moved directly from level 15 to the top 3 with 8,560 units.

Damian Salas is the second best Latin American in Spanish.

Simon Mattsson and Niklas Astedt, the legends C. Darwin2 and Lena900 respectively. 8,540 points and 8,514 points ranked in the top 5.

In addition to the large number of Brazilians (12 in the top 30), the next Spanish-speaking Latino appears on the PokerStake list, publishing this list created since 2005 The website is Damián Salas, ranked 31st with 6,721 units.

Ramiro Petrone is the leader in online poker ranki...

The Year Angel Guillen Made Mexican Poker History

The Year Angel Guillen Made Mexican Poker History

Angel Guillen is having a great year in 2023, winning a ton of cash, making multiple final tables, and landing sponsorship deals with major brands in the card industry. Here at Codigopoker we now have a detailed look at what Aztec representatives have been up to throughout the year.

2023 leaves behind an incredible legacy for Mexico’s best representatives, including the title of WPT Prime Gold Coast in February, for He earned $122,864, his only title of the year, which he captured in a heads-up match from Joe Hachem in a tournament with 484 entrants.

Guillen became champion in February in Australia, where he lives with his wife, Lynn Gilmartin, and their son. Andrés Vásquez and Jeison Berdugo’s bonuses are coming. p>Guillen Mexico Final Table

Mid-year, the WPT 500 came to Mexico, a special stop since its home country, and Guillen made it to the final table again, taking home the equivalent of fifth place in a $25,000 guaranteed win. Finishing in the $500,000 tournament event.

There he sat withPhil Ivey in a tournament that will go down in history.

Guillén competes in the WPT 500 in Mexico.

Trip to Las Vegas

In June, Guillen traveled to Las Vegas for the World Series in search of the coveted bracelet, but in Game 35 he again failed to win. You can get a bracelet. , came close at the WSOP (a secret bounty tournament with a $10,000 buy-in), and finished sixth in Sin City. He also took advantage of the opportunity to play in the Wynn Summer Classic (and cash in twice).

Guillén narrowly moves up the all-time list.

In fact, Angel has overtaken Luis Velador and now his goal is definitely to overtake JC, who he can catch up to this year if he can get some good results.

Mexico All-Time Money List

1° Juan Carlos Alvarado – $4,476,3012° Ángel Guillén – $2,474,3453. Luis Verardo – $2,433,0014. Santiago Nadal – $1,401,2405° Jose Manuel Nadal – $1,034,2406° David Cosio – $969,0357° Diego Sanchez – $713,3378° Fernando Fryer Galván – $526,5059°Josue Aguirre – $460,34310° Walter Rodriguez – $396,057Complete ranking.

The Year Angel Guillen Made Mexican Poker History

Musaranas wins Sunday surprise and will have charcuterie on Christmas Eve

Musaranas wins Sunday surprise and will have charc...

Yesterday, the Regular Championship and Mini Sunday took center stage at Winamax .fres. Throughout Sunday, there were no less than a total of 40 5 Grand Prix Tournaments in the French room, with a total of 1610,000prizes distributed. Musaranas are top players.

Musaranas’ Sunday Surprise

The best match was the Sunday SurpriseMystery €10, won and taken home by “Musaranas” The cash prize is 8,479,- €21 as well asa selection of gourmet products that he can share with his loved oneson Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.Other Outstanding Championships

4 championships awarded prizes worth over €10,000 to the winners.

  • “ImMikeRoss” won the €200 Battle Royale (€16,693.46).
  • “DanielHenry” conquered Prime Time and earned €11,146. 04.
  • “Benlesnuts” won €16,833. 76, thanks to his victory in the €250 High Roller.

Musaranas wins Sunday surprise and will have charc...

Martin Kabrhel and Jungleman kick off Hustler Casino Live’s big streaming week

Martin Kabrhel and Jungleman kick off Hustler Casi...

The famous YouTube channel Hustler Casino Live, which broadcasts high-stakes cash games from California casinos, has aired its third edition Start Super High Stakes Week.

This week, a $100/$200 blinds game airs every night, Monday through Friday, with contestants who are often regulars in the show’s regular segments. , guests will receive special offers, and the final highlight is the return of Alan Keating for 24-hour broadcasts.

The broadcaster’s video archive already contains replays of the first two segments

In the first part, the controversial King’s Reg Martin Kabrhel is the protagonist; Will challenge one of the newest members of the Super High Roller Tour – Shantosh Suvarna – who opened 80% VPIP with it – millionaire Brandon Steven and one of the players in the series well-known figures, such as Argentinian player Mariano.

Tuesday night is Daniel Cates “Jungleman” reserved. Reunites with Game of Gold competitor Andy Stacks. As Suvarna’s poker marathon continues, the superstar threatens to get embroiled in a battle of egos with one of the show’s stars, Nik Airball – Repeat Player vs. Retention This Week Every Game seats.

Martin Kabrhel and Jungleman kick off Hustler Casi...

Nacho is having an unstoppable year and Barbero proves it once again.

Nacho is having an unstoppable year and Barbero pr...

Sin City Barbero has done it again and declared: “No pueden parar el ao de Nacho!”

The Argentinian wins again, this time at PokerGO Tour’s Aria $234,000 in prize money won in the PGT PLO Series. After the victory, he immediately let out an unparalleled roar. More than $3 million was raised in just three months.

The year of nachos is unstoppable: Barbero has done it again.

What Nacho Barbero has been doing lately is simply unbelievable. He won the Triton Series in Vietnam earlier this month, and a few days later he won another event at the same festival, bringing his total live poker winnings to $8 million. This makes him the most successful Latin American poker player of all time.

Barbero won Event #3: $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha in the PokerGO Tour PGT PLO Series. With $2,834,000 already in his bank account after this year’s success at the Bahamas PCA, he now has another $234,000 added to his bank account.


Played at five high-stakes tables for just three months Later, he received the highest bonus in his career.

Nonetheless, this latest Tuesday night win was no mean feat, as Nacho started the final day with just 5.8% of the cards Ranked at the bottom. The Argentinian worked hard to get to the top, but his efforts paid off as he performed well and won the title.

Barbero has defeated some of the best players in the world including Josh Ariel, Ellis Pashinen, Adam Hendricks and Jonas Kromvette, who won. With this victory, Barbero ranks first in the PGT Series PLO standings with 234 points.

Hand of Glory

The decisive hand came, the Argentinian was on level 23 125,000/250,000/250,000 chips, leading the Austrian 3-1, betting 750,000, while the Austrian’s odds were 750,000.

Flop: J106

Once Europe bets and raises, Barbero’s opponent With the rest of his total bet of $1.2 million.

Barbero:J985 Kronwitter:Q1076

The Austrians played against Nacho’s team with two pairs and a backdoor The procession at the stairwell.

The Latin American player took the lead after the 9th leg and after the river 4 the Argentinian was declared the winner: “You can’t stop Nacho’s This year!” After such a promising start, it seems like nothing can stop him from achieving poker success in 2023.

Barbero: Two months, three million dollars

The Argentinian has made great achievements in the past Nothing I did in two months of poker was worth the wait. Five ITMs reported his total earnings at $2,834,000. His first and largest win was $1,551,300 at the Bahamas PSPC.

A few days later, he finished second in the PokerGO Tour Championship and finished eighth less than a week before his third-place finish at Triton Poker in Vietnam. $600,000 won in 2 events, $57,000 in prize money. He followed that up with a second place finish in the $25,000 Turbo Championship in the same series and now this is the latest victory.

Barbero’s record

Barbero surpassed the previous live earnings record of $7.4 million Farid Jattin, becomes the Latin American player who earns the most money from live events.

After a long run at the top of the all-time money list, Argentinian Daniel Negreanu has finally achieved his lifelong dream of winning a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet.

Nacho Barbero’s Final Victory

PGT PLO-Series 3rd Place: Pot Limit Omaha

Admission: $10,000

Tickets sold: 130

Toso: $1,300,000

Final Table

First place: $234,000. Nacho Barbero.

Next, second-place finisher Jonas Kronwitter received $169,000.

Third place: Adam Hendrix: $130,000

Fourth place: Eelis Parssinen received $104,000

Sam Soverel (fifth place) – $91,000

Sixth Place, Josh Arieh: $78,000

*Full annotated copy.

Nacho is having an unstoppable year and Barbero pr...

GGPoker’s CCP: Relim Alves looking for last chance

Relim Alves wins the last chance and ends the GGPo...

GGPoker Paraiba dominated the final day of CCP Stage 4 in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte. Danilo Barreto, a player from João Pessoa, claimed the series title and won the main event, but he was not the only winner on Sunday. Relim Alves, also from Paraiba, was another reason to celebrate as he took the eventual victory in the stage.

The player from Sao Bento took the title of “Last Chance”, the last scheduled event of this year’s fourth edition in 2023, and finished it in the best possible way part. Almost at the end of the day, Relim beat 85 competitors to win the championship trophy in the R$ 150 tournament.

In addition to the first place trophy, Relim Alves received a bonus of R$ 2,700 in his account and left the Poker Club lobby with satisfaction: ” It feels really good. Really good. Me.” “I want to thank everyone. Thanks to the organizers, the event was great and fun,” concluded the Paraiba native, who was the last CCP Stage champion holder.

The Last Chance final table brought together some of the most famous names on the circuit. In order to become champion, Relim had to overtake Marcos Vinícius, who had advanced to the event’s other final tables, as well as Pablo de Sá, the Omaha champion and season leader.

Note: Relim Alves stands in front of another player: Ricardo Oliveira, the current High Roller Champion. The Paraiba American from Sao Bento ignored all mentioned points and emerged victorious. Now he invites all Communist Party members to come to his city from the 6th to the 10th to participate in events held there.

View final table prizes:

1 – Relim Alves – R$ 2,7002 – Ricardo Oliveira – R$1,7803 – Davissom Zanzo – R$ 1,2004 – Pablo de Sar – R$ 9305 – Marcos Vinicius – R$ 7006 – Bruno Teixeira – R$ 5007 – Arnaldo Silva – R$ 4008 – Iorio – R$ 3309 – Leonardo Enrique – R$ 300

Relim Alves wins the last chance and ends the GGPo...

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